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Introducing the Lindero Kids Dining Set – the ultimate choice for hosting little guests in style! This charming dining set, adorned with an elegant bright pink hue, is meticulously crafted to serve as a distinctive centerpiece to your event. With a set of 20 chairs, enjoy the flexibility to customize the seating arrangement to perfectly complement your theme. Mix and match the chairs to curate a chic and inviting atmosphere, adding a touch of Los Angeles flair to your special occasion. Elevate your event with the perfect blend of style and comfort offered by the Lindero Kids Dining Set, exclusively designed for Little Calabasas Kids Furniture.

Rental includes:

Dining set for up to 10 - $200

One kids solid pine table in White or natural wood (Unless specified otherwise, tables will come in white). 

Delivery & pick up

10 max bright pink metal chairs 

Dining set for up to 20 - $400

Two kids solid pine tables in white or natural wood

20  max bright pink metal chairs 

Delivery & pick up

Calabasas (91302)

0-10 miles = Free 

11-15 miles= $55

16-22 miles = $75

23> please inquire 

Arduous locations within the travel range are subject to approval.