Our Story

Since our conception in 2021, Calabasas Bounce House has been a beacon of joy, with over 600 celebrations within the vibrant communities of Los Angeles and Ventura County. We have sustained partnerships with esteemed organizations like the City of Malibu, and Malibu Search and Rescue, and have had the privilege to serve notable clients such as Beis, Fabletics,, Pepperdine University, and Bloom Nutrition for editorial assets and brand activations. At Calabasas Bounce House, our commitment to excellence drives us to embrace only top-quality products. We believe that by choosing premium products of rentals and our ecommerce store, we can make a positive impact on our environment and the well-being of the communities.

Our values and environmental stewardship remain at the core of everything we do. Each event we are a part of contributes to a greater purpose - creating cherished memories, fostering eco-friendly choices, and enhancing the lives of those we serve in our communities.

Together, we celebrate moments of joy, encourage sustainability, and make a difference in the world around us. Calabasas Bounce House mission is to elevate your events and be a part of something greater - a shared vision of creating magical memories, fostering eco-conscious decisions, and positively impacting the communities we call home.

For inquiries or to learn more, please don't hesitate to reach out to us below:

hello@calabasasbouncehouse.com | (747) 263-2935.