Taylor Swift Eras Party! | Calabasas Country Club

We're thrilled to unveil our latest collection of children's furniture, showcased at the Calabasas Country Club during a Taylor Swift-inspired extravaganza! Our brand-new kids' metal chairs in shades of pink and hot pink, complemented by our elegant white pine wood kids' table, added a touch of sophistication and a burst of vibrant color to this extraordinary event meticulously curated by our dear friend Brenda Events.

The celebration was awash with a delightful color palette featuring various shades of pink, purple, and a hint of yellow. The kids enjoyed a plethora of entertaining activities perfectly aligned with the Taylor Swift theme, from crafting adorable friendship bracelets to engaging in creative coloring sessions and much more. We're grateful to have been a part of this stunning celebration right in the heart of our neighboring country club!


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