Puppy Pawty | Hidden Hills, CA

We love the stunning outcome of this charming party held in Hidden Hills. The celebration was centered around a delightful puppy theme, which was chosen by the lovely little girl named Kenley for her fifth birthday.

The party was adorned with a range of fun-filled activities, including our Malibu Bounce House, and our brand new Westlake Rustic Kids Dining set, which comfortably accommodated 20 guests. The ingenious Mommy creatively assembled the tables to form a large square table, which was charmingly decorated with our chairs. The adorable setup was further embellished with delightful balloons provided by Let's Party with Messy, while our talented team at Calabasas Bounce House designed the charming decals. The party also included adoptable puppies if you were thinking about adopting puppies we suggest going to the Agoura Animal Shelter! 

Bounce House & Decals: Calabasas Bounce House 

Balloons: Let’s Party with Messi

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