Tips for Planning the Perfect Party

Planning a party can be overwhelming. We’ve worked with top event planners, and tons of mommy planners and have compiled a list of “To Do's” to help you plan the best party as stress free as possible. 

Wether its at home, or at a venue determining the party area, and focusing on those areas helps you access the flow of the party and what you need. 

Choose a theme
Having a cohesive theme helps with the overall feel, determining the needs for the party, and eliminates no need items. 

Choose a few date and time options for the event
Find a date that works for you, and your family and friends. Parties are thrown to create new memories after all! 

Arrange entertainment 
Make your party memorable by adding valuable entertainment for guests to enjoy, like a Calabasas Bounce House

Make a guest list
A list will help you manage the quantity of supplies, food needed, and manage any dietary or restrictions your guests may have. 
Reserve your Vendors
The sooner the better. Waiting last minute will stress you out and you may not get your first choice waiting last minute. It’s not out of the ordinary for Calabasas Bounce House to receive reservations 3-5 months in advance.

We have compiled a list of local vendors throughout the Los Angeles and Ventura County area that we would happy to recommend. Connect with us to learn more. 

We hope these tips help you plan your perfect event! 




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