Our Story

About Us  

We would only offer products we wholeheartedly believe in, hence our commitment to offering bounce houses customized and overseen by our team in the US. Other businesses may operate differently and that’s their right, but it's not what we do. Our overall values align with a slower authentic sustainable growth. 

Christina and Ryan Drobinski have been partners for 15 years. Both are native to Southern California, self-proclaimed Valley Kids that spent their days in Malibu. Their love for the ocean is the inspiration for the product names, “Malibu is where the magic is for us; Ryan is constantly watching wave cams, if there’s a good swell he’s going for it, that’s been his MO since he was a kid,” Christina notes.

Calabasas Bounce House Ethos

One of a kind products with the perfect proportions to redefine, and reimagine the Bounce House, and party experience. 


Calabasas Bounce House takes a proactive approach to safeguarding you and your guests. We are proudly licensed and insured. Additionally, our Bounce Houses are in line with US safety standards. 


We subscribe to the principles of operating the right way, every time. We fully sanitize our Bounce House before each event. Our bounce houses are delivered in showroom quality for the perfect aesthetic every time. 


Our graphic design and print team can help with full customization.